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Family Caregiver Organization

Care Essentials

Get the all-in-one family caregiving app. Take control of all the details, stay organized and streamline communication with your family and loved ones.

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The tools you need to
care for your loved ones

The tools you need to care for your loved ones

Communicate & coordinate

Keep everyone on the same page in a single app with all details in one place.

Stay organized

Track all care planning on a shared calendar, store important documents and more.

Manage medication

Stay on top of all medication details and even check for potential interactions between meds.

Care Essentials Features

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Manage a single Loved One/Parent

The LITE plan is free to use and allows you to manage one Loved One/Parent through the Connected Caregiver app.

calendar icon

Dedicated calendar

Track events like doctor’s appointments, family meals, gatherings your Loved One plans to attend, and more using a dedicated calendar within the app.

medication icon

Medication management

Create automated medication reminders for your Loved One, stay on top of doses and refills, check for interactions between meds, and more.

mood tracking icon

Mood surveying

Get a quick snapshot of how your Loved One is perceiving their own health by sending a daily “How are you feeling?” survey — and track trends over time.

health vitals icon

Manual health vital tracking

Use the app to log your Loved One’s vitals so you can see trends over time and understand what’s normal for your Loved One.

phone notifications icon

Custom notifications

Set your preferred notification sequence – push notification, text, email, phone call – and stay up to date with the most important information.

medical documents icon

Document storage

Upload images of key documents like insurance cards, medical records and more — all with HIPAA compliance so you can use the app safely and securely.

Management Coordination icon

Care Circle management

Invite siblings and anyone else involved in caregiving to use the app (free of charge to those you invite). Assign them to events or tasks, share important documents and more — creating a one-stop hub for everyone.

messaging icon

Care Circle communication

Create group chats or direct messages to those in the Care Circle, all within the dedicated app. Never lose another critical detail in a buried thread or forgotten note.


One-on-one care icon

Manage multiple Loved Ones/Parents

The Essentials plan allows you to add and manage multiple Loved Ones through the app. Perfect for caring for both parents, or any other Loved Ones in your life.


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Keep all your family caregiving notes and details in one place so nothing gets lost. Perfect for documenting doctor visits and more.


to-do list icon

To-do lists

Keep your action items clear for all things caregiving so you never miss a step or forget something.

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Designed for family caregivers

Being a family caregiver to an aging loved one is a balancing act that requires compassion and commitment. You want to stay organized and connected to them — vigilantly managing their well-being and safety — without becoming burned out and disconnected from your own life. Connected Caregiver can help you take control of the details and duties with more peace of mind.