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Our Devices

At the center of your loved one’s care plan are the healthcare devices they rely on every day. Read on to learn more about the care devices currently offered by Connected Caregiver.



The proprietary Connected Caregiver STAT-Phone serves as your dedicated health communication hub. It is connected via Bluetooth to all your devices so it can deliver real-time health reading data to your Connected Caregiver app.


Blood Pressure Monitor

Blood pressure is an important measure of cardiovascular health, and healthy blood pressure is reliably linked to a lower risk of heart attack, heart disease, and stroke. Our blood pressure monitors are comfortable, easy to use, and only take a few minutes for an accurate reading. (XS and XL cuffs are available for an upcharge.)

Pulse Oximeter Device Illustration

Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

Pulse oximeters are ideal for those with respiratory problems or other health conditions. A pulse oximeter is placed on the fingertip to measure pulse rate and blood oxygen levels without the need for a blood sample.


Digital Weight Scale

Managing a healthy weight is extremely important to your overall health, and rapid weight gains or losses can indicate potential health issues. Our connected Bluetooth scale automatically sends readings to the Connected Caregiver hub and tracks your progress over time.

image 11

Blood Glucose Monitor

Glucometers take quick and reliable readings of blood sugar levels. These are essential for those with diabetes or prediabetes who are working to manage their condition and keep it from progressing.


Get Started with Connected Caregiver

Connected Caregiver Devices
Step 1

Choose what you want to monitor

Select what you need from our collection of our Bluetooth-enabled smart devices* (listed above). We’ll deliver them straight to your door — shipping is fast and free.

*Standard package includes choice of two (2) devices and STAT-Phone hub.

Connected Caregiver representative
Step 2

Select a date and time for a free setup call

A live agent will walk you through how to set up your devices and the companion app so you can feel confident you’re getting the information you need.

Step 3

Start monitoring

Take control of your caregiving and feel confident that your loved one is doing everything they need to stay healthier and live the life they deserve.

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