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How We Help

Family caregivers work extremely hard and give so much of their time, yet they often don't feel confident in their roles and responsibilities. Unfortunately, when caregivers feel overwhelmed with their growing to-do list, relationships with their loved ones can suffer. This isn't about a lack of care. It's about a lack of our two most precious resources: time and energy.
We empower family caregivers with the reassurance of staying connected to their loved ones' health and safety. With this peace of mind, family caregivers and their loved ones can enjoy days with less stress and more independence.

The same powerful technology used by doctors, available for everyone.

At Connected Caregiver, we’ve partnered with health care professionals to create an easy-to-use system that gives family caregivers access to the same up-to-date information that professionals use to monitor their patients. We use equipment that is familiar to everyone, like smartphones, scales, and blood pressure cuffs to serve both caregivers and their loved ones reliably and seamlessly. 

We understand the difficulty of balancing your life with your responsibilities to your family. Connected Caregiver is designed to make it easier. Now you can streamline your communication with multiple health providers, stay connected with other family caregivers, and stay focused on the most important thing — your relationship with your loved one.

Step 1

Choose your equipment

Choose what equipment you need from our collection of our Bluetooth-enabled smart devices. We’ll deliver them straight to your door — shipping is fast and free.

*Standard package includes choice of two (2) devices and STAT-Phone hub.

Step 2

Get set up

A live agent will walk you through how to set up your equipment and the companion app so you can feel confident you’re getting the information you need.

Step 3

Enjoy a better life for you and your loved one

Take control of your caregiving and feel confident that your loved one is doing everything they need to stay healthier and live the life they deserve.