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I'm a New Family Caregiver, Now What?

I’m a Family Caregiver, Now What?

Are you new to family caregiving? Here are four questions to ask as you get started caring for your aging loved one.

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slippery sign senior fall

3 Senior Fall Hazards that are Easy (and Cheap!) to Fix

“When was the last time you fell?” It’s not just a question I’ve asked clinically. It’s also one that I’ve posed when teaching, speaking, and in one-on-one conversations with adult children who are wondering how to keep their mom or dad (or both!) safe at home.  At first glance, it might seem confusing to ask…

Happy senior aging in place connected caregiver

3 Pitfalls to Avoid when Choosing Safety Equipment for Aging in Place

When a loved one is beginning to have trouble accessing part of their home, getting up or down, or showing signs of mobility issues, it is usually family or friends who first notice the problem. It’s a rare day when a healthcare provider is involved before something has already gone seriously wrong, and so family…

Stressed out family caregiver

Why Does Elder Care Cost So Much?

It’s a horrible reality that growing older and caring for an aging loved one are expensive endeavors. Most families are severely underprepared for these expenses. No one told us how much care would cost!  Why is this happening? There is a convergence of realities contributing to the high out-of-pocket costs of elder care.  Medicare isn’t…

Connected Caregiver legal documents when caregiving

What Are the Essential Documents When Caregiving?

There are several legal documents that are essential when you’re caring for someone, especially an aging loved one. Many people don’t prepare these documents until they think they are needed. Of course, if a document is not available when it is needed, you’ll miss out on all the benefits that document is supposed to provide….

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