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I'm a New Family Caregiver, Now What?

I’m a Family Caregiver, Now What?

Are you new to family caregiving? Here are four questions to ask as you get started caring for your aging loved one.

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caregiver stressed from costs

Tips & Tricks for Combating Elder Care Costs

It’s happening to nearly everyone across the country. People caring for aging loved ones are facing overwhelming costs just to get adequate care for the people they love and no one was prepared for how expensive it would be.  Unfortunately, Medicare isn’t the safety net we all assume it is. This comes as a shock…

Connected Caregiver Care-Cargiver-Contract

How a Care Contract Can Improve Care and Finances

When there is more than one member of a family who agrees to support in ANY way the care of a senior family member, the preparation of this agreement in writing will serve the family well. Many families might skip this step thinking “It’ll be fine! We’re family!”. However, consider how truly important the project…

A hispanic caregiver

Study: Challenges for Diverse Family Caregivers

People from all walks of life can find themselves in a situation where they become family caregivers. According to a study by the National Alliance of Caregiving, 17% of family caregivers are Hispanic, 14% are Black, and 5% are Asian American and Pacific Islanders (AAPI). Altogether, that means that almost 40% of American caregivers are…

A son showing his elderly mother how to use Connected Caregiver

Telehealth: An Underused Tool for Family Caregivers

For many family caregivers, one of the most difficult challenges can be simply getting their loved one to see their doctor. Sometimes scheduling visits conflicts with work or other responsibilities. Some caregivers live in remote or rural areas, making a trip to the doctor a time-consuming errand. Of course, sometimes aging parents simply don’t want…

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