About Connected Caregiver

It can be difficult to watch your loved ones grow older.

There is a certain pain that comes from seeing someone you love lose a bit of their independence, and an overwhelming sense of responsibility to help them through it. And yet, the challenges that come with that responsibility are immense.

Family caregivers shoulder many of the same duties as professional caregivers, but usually with none of the resources, training, or experience. It can feel like a full-time job; one that is taken on in addition to all of the other responsibilities and demands of day-to-day life.

We started Connected Caregiver because we believe that no family caregiver should ever feel overwhelmed and alone.

The incredible people who commit their time and energy to ensure the safety of their loved ones deserve the very best resources to help safeguard their families and their own lives. Most of all, they deserve to feel in control and confident in their ability to care for the people they care about most. 

We support you so you can help them.

Ease the mental load of managing care details, tracking vitals and even having to update everyone in the care circle every time there is a change.

Keep all the information you need in one central place.

Grant others access to view the information and communicate within the app, saving you the time and energy of updating people individually.

Get greater peace of mind with fall detection, emergency alerts, GPS location and more through Safety+.

Always have a digital record of key info and health records, keeping everyone in the loop – so you can spend less time on details and more time on what matters most.

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A new company rooted in doctor-approved technology

Founded in Nashville, Tennessee, we began as a Remote Patient Monitoring company
 focused on serving doctors with technology that could help them manage chronically ill patients and produce better outcomes.

As we witnessed the service in use by doctors and patients around the country, we began to wonder if this same technology could also help alleviate some of the stress family caregivers experience every day. 

Our first step was to talk to as many family caregivers as we could to get a clear understanding of their challenges and where they could use the most assistance. Simply put, we learned they are in desperate need of the right tools and resources that empower them to give their best care — and Connected Caregiver was born.

With all of our tools and technologies – Care EssentialsSafety+, and Prompter™ Connected Pillbox – our goal is to equip family caregivers with what they need to deliver the best care to their Loved Ones — while still remaining connected to their own lives.

Have Questions?

Our team is available to assist you so you can have the tools you need to gain greater confidence in your ability to give care.