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Prompter™ Connected Pillbox

Reminds Loved Ones to take their medication. Alerts family caregivers to a possible missed dose.


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The Prompter Connected Pillbox

Easy-to-Use Smart Pillbox

The Prompter™ Connected Pillbox prompts your Loved One to take their pills by lighting up (small LED lights on the device) and also sending a reminder via SMS, Push Notification, or Email when it is time to take their medication.

The Prompter™ has built in motion sensors that can detect when it is picked up and if a pill door is opened.  This means if the Prompter™ detects no motion and no pill door open, it records that as a possible missed dose* and alerts the caregiver so they can follow up with the Loved One.


Prompter™.  Reminds them.  Alerts you.


Why Medication Adherence Is Important

"Drugs don’t work if people don’t take them."1

Following a prescribed medication plan, or medication adherence, has been directly attributed to many important health benefits. The following results of non-adherence are largely preventable.

  • Nearly 70% of all medication-related hospital admissions are due to medication non-adherence alone2
  • Non-adherence causes 30-50% of chronic disease treatment failures3
  • Non-adherence causes 125,000 deaths per year in this country3

1 Former Surgeon General C. Everett Koop
2 Kuo SZ, Haftek M, Lai JC (2016) Factors Associated with Medication Non - adherence in Patients with End - Stage Liver Disease. Dig Dis Sci 62: 543-549.
3 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC); FDA.Gov posting on 1/16/16

Prompter™.Reminds them. Alerts you.

Reminds them.
Alerts you.

Likely Missed Dose Alerts* for Family Caregivers

Using the free Connected Caregiver app, you (the Caregiver) can set up medication times and alerts so that if the Prompter™ is not picked up and a pill door not opened, you can be notified about a likely missed dose — prompting you to follow up with your Loved One.   All Prompter™ subscriptions come with the full suite of Care Essentials features (available within the Connected Caregiver app) which help you organize and coordinate your family caregiving.

By pairing the Prompter™ with Care Essentials you can:

  • Create personalized medication schedules and automated reminders for your Loved One
  • Keep records of prescribing doctor, dosages and even pill images
  • Automatically check for potentially dangerous drug interactions
  • Leverage all of Care Essentials' other features like a Dedicated Calendar, Care Circle Management, Manual Health Vital Tracking & more.


*Possible Missed Dose Alert: The Prompter Connected Pillbox is a reminder system; if it detects lack of interaction with the pillbox, it can alert to a potential missed dose. Prior to duplicating a potential missed dosage, confirmation of missed dosage should be confirmed. Prompter does not have locks and should be stored in a safe place.

An animation showing how the Prompter and Safety Plus app work together
A chart comparing the Prompter connected pill box to other smart pillboxes

Ready for even greater Peace of Mind?

The Peace of Mind Bundle combines Safety+ and Prompter so you can ease the anxiety when you can't physically be with your Loved One. Features include:

  • 24/7 emergency monitoring
  • Fall detection and real-time notifications
  • SOS button
  • GPS location
  • Alerts of likely missed medication doses
The Peace of Mind Bundle

Packages and Pricing

IMPORTANT:  If you are an existing Connected Caregiver user, please upgrade/purchase through the Connected Caregiver App.  Open your App, click the menu button top left and choose “Offers.”





  • Alerts to Caregiver of possible missed doses
  • Reminders for Loved One to take medication at custom times
  • 24/7 monitoring & fall detection
  • Real-time Caregiver alerts & notifications
  • GPS & geofencing of Loved One
  • Steps & First-Motion-Of-Day tracking


One Time Device Fee: $25




  • Alerts to Caregiver of possible missed doses
  • Reminders for Loved One to take medication at custom times
  • 24/7 monitoring & fall detection
  • Real-time Caregiver alerts & notifications
  • GPS & geofencing of Loved One
  • Steps & First-Motion-Of-Day tracking


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  • Digital assistant to help organize and coordinate care.
  • Select features only available with purchase of the PrompterTM or Safety+
Prompter pillbox

Prompter Features

  • Can be customized — includes stickers and a dry-erase marker to mark two (2) sets of seven (7) pill drawers.
  • Cell-enabled (included with subscription*) to allow for immediate Caregiver alerts.
  • Small lights illuminate to remind your Loved One it's time to take their pills.
    • Green = It’s time to take your pills.
    • Yellow = You’re a little late (and reminder to Loved One triggered). 
    • Red = Alert! You have missed the window. At the same time the light turns red, a "likely missed dose" alert is sent to the Caregiver for follow up.
  • 8.75"x2.6"x3.18"
  • 16oz, 450g 


*Prompter™ currently uses a separate (included) small cellular hub.  We anticipate future versions will have the hub integrated into the device.

Connected Caregiver

Being a family caregiver is an important but often challenging role. It can easily become overwhelming to juggle all the details of appointments, medications, to-dos, vitals monitoring and more, when all you want to do is comfort and care for your loved one. Connected Caregiver equips family caregivers with the tools and technology to ease the mental load of managing details, tracking vitals and even having to update everyone in the care circle every time there is a change.


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The Prompter Connected Pillbox and Safety Plus App
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