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Keep everyone connected and informed with the latest caregiving app

Showcase the care you and your team provide

Give families more access and insight into their loved one’s daily health.

Connected Caregiver is a remote health & safety monitoring system developed with the caregiver in mind. Both your team & families can receive real-time updates on the health and wellness of your clients sent directly to our hub. This allows you to stay active in maintaining their well-being and families to be in the know, while not needing to be physically in their homes.

Offer your clients more independence and privacy, helping them age in place for longer and more safely.

Driving results that matter

Enhanced Family Engagement

Improved Operational Effectiveness

Higher Patient & Family Satisfaction

Enhanced Family Engagement

The most versatile and powerful caregiving tool

What can Connected Caregiver do?

Caregivers have many things to worry about. Technology shouldn’t be one of them. We’re here to help with every aspect of your caregiving responsibilities: information, organization, and communication.

Health Monitoring

Missed reading alerts

Threshold alerts (ex. too high/low)

Reading reminders

Manual & automated readings supported

Health Monitoring

Customizable channel preferences

One-click acknowledgment capabilities

Personalized alerts for health and/or safety events

Safety & Activity Monitoring

Fall/SOS button press alerts

GPS location & activity tracking

4G coverage & 24/7 monitoring

Waterproof two-way mic & speaker

Health & Safety Information Sharing

Share health information with your patient’s Care Circle

Easily download reports to provide to healthcare professionals – on demand

Actionable insights means better service


  • 24/7 emergency monitoring service that can speak with the wearer via a two-way speaker/mic
  • Monitor (automatically or manually) health vitals with customizable schedules & thresholds
  • Real-time emergency alerts
  • Track activity & quickly detect changes in habits
  • Keep family members engaged & informed so they always know how their loved one is doing
  • Monitor residents via GPS location + geofencing alerts 
  • On-demand ability to access & share information with staff, clinicians, or family

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