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Safety+ Medical Alert (with Fall Detection)
Prompter Pillbox
Connected Caregiver App

Safety+ Medical Alert System with Fall Detection

Connected Caregiver offers advanced medical alert and fall detection technology through the trusted Safety+ device, giving you peace of mind that an emergency situation, such as a fall, will be detected and immediately responded to.

24/7 Monitoring Center catering to more than 1.3M subscribers
4G cellular connectivity throughout the United States
First Motion of the Day Notification
9-second average call response time after button is pressed
Water resistant, wear in the shower
Fall detection, SOS button, GPS and Step tracking

Prompter™ Connected Pillbox

The Prompter™ Connected Pillbox was invented to help senior Loved One's remember to take their pills AND to alert family caregivers when a potnetial missed dose is detected.  The unique Prompter has motion and contact sensors.  If it does not detect motion and a pill door being opened during the custom pill take time, it can send a potential missed dose alert (via text, push, or email) to the family caregiver so they can follow up.

Potential missed dose notifications sent to Care Circle
Reminders for senior Loved Ones
Cell-enabled (not reliant on Wifi or Bluetooth
Motion and contact sensors detect interactions
14 individual medication trays
Customize medication tracking and times via free app (Android and Apple)

The tools you need to help care for your senior Loved Ones

The Care Essentials features within the FREE Connected Caregiver app function as a digital assistant for the family caregiver, allowing you to organize medication information, important records, appointments, to-dos, and more in one collaborative app.

Communicate & Coordinate
Keep everyone on the same page in a single app with all details in one place.

Stay Organized
Track all care planning on a shared calendar, store important documents, and more.

Manage Medication
Stay on top of all medication details and even check for potential dangerous interactions between meds.

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Connected Caregiver lets you achieve Peace of Mind by helping you organize care and keeping you informed about the health and safety of your Loved One.  See if you qualify for FREE DEVICES to get started today!

(*FREE DEVICES require a 6-month monitoring subscription.  See Terms and Conditions)