iGlucose Connected Glucose Monitor (with Ongoing Supplies)

$25.00 / month

  • iGlucose Connected Glucose Monitor: The Gold Standard in diabetes management INCLUDES UNLIMITED STRIPS and LANCETS.  Simplify your readings for the Patient, Caregiver, and Provider.
  • Monitor automatically counts usage and will alert fulfillment to send more strips before you run out, all included in the monthly monitoring fee!
  • Cell-enabled and immediately transmits results without the need for pairing, synching, or Wi-Fi and send alerts (SMS, Push, Email) to a Caregiver or the User.
  • Set up and send out-of-bounds alerts (too high or too low; lack of measurement…) to a Caregiver or the User.
  • This is a subscription product (unlimited strips and lancets)
  • Initial package contains 1x iGlucose Monitor, 1x Travel Case, 1x Lancing Device, 1x Control Solution, 100 strips and 100 lancets

iGlucose Connected Glucose Monitor- Your Trusted Diabetes Management Companion INCLUDES UNLIMITED STRIPS AND LANCETS

Reminds Loved Ones to take their readings.  Alerts Family Caregivers to a possible concerns.

Ensure timely testing for yourself or Loved Ones with the advanced iGlucose Connected Glucose Monitor. This smart cellular-enabled monitor simplifies diabetes testing schedule adherence by alerting the User with timely reminders through SMS, push notifications, or emails. Equipped with built-in strip usage counting, the iGlucose can detect when you are low on supplies and will automatically alert our fulfillment team to replenish your supplies at no additional charge.

If a low/high reading is detected (can be customized for the User), the Monitor records this as a potential issue and alerts the Caregiver (or User) so they can promptly follow up.  This helps ensure the improved diabetes management adherence that is critical for better health outcomes.

Key Benefits:

  • Intuitive Reminders: Stay on top of your diabetes schedule with clear and timely digital reminders.
  • High/Low A1C Alerts: Receive alerts (to User or Caregivers) if a problem reading is detected, allowing for quick follow-up.
  • Seamless Integration with Connected Caregiver App: Set up personalized schedules, track health vitals, and coordinate/communicate with others in the Care Circle using the FREE Connected Caregiver app.
  • Automated Health Management: Record prescribing doctors, results, and check for potentially dangerous drug interactions automatically.

Perfect For: Family Caregivers who need a reliable way to help manage their Loved One's diabetes and want peace of mind knowing that their diabetes is being managed properly.

With its user-friendly interface and comprehensive features, the iGlucose Connected Glucose Monitor is more than just a diabetic monitor—it's a crucial part of your healthcare toolkit, designed to keep your Loved Ones safe and diabetes managed. Start improving your testing schedule adherence with iGlucose today and take the first step towards better health management.