iPulseOX Connected Pulse Oximeter

$10.00 / month and a $50.00 sign-up fee

The iPulseOx Cellular Pulse Oximeter is at the forefront of respiratory health monitoring. Cellular enabled, this device allows users to measure oxygen saturation and pulse rate, automatically transmitting real-time data for remote monitoring. Its compact and user-friendly design ensures accurate readings, making it an essential tool for individuals prioritizing respiratory well-being. The iPulseOx Cellular Pulse Oximeter provides a connected and efficient solution for those seeking accurate and convenient pulse oximetry.

  • Caregivers can be notified to out-of-bounds measurements (too high or too low) in real time enabling potentially dangerous situations to be caught early!
  • Creates a digital record that can be viewed and downloaded
  • $50 sign up fee includes one-time device fee

  • LOW MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION: Kickstart your Remote Patient Monitoring journey with a simple activation. Only $10/month which includes cellular service.
  • CAREGIVER FEATURES VIA MOBILE APP: Caregiver App keeps family (or others) informed. Our included mobile app boasts a comprehensive dashboard offering real-time insights into vitals measurements. Activate push notifications for instant alerts, ensuring family/caregivers stay informed about out-of-bounds measurements (too high or too low customized to the User) or missed readings. Create a Care Circle and your Loved Ones and Caregivers can share information tracking and alerts.
  • CREATE A DIGITAL RECORD:  Readings are automatically stored in the FREE Connected Caregiver app and can be downloaded to share with Care Circle or physicians
  • EASY SETUP: The iPulseOx will come fully equipped. You do not need to connect the device to any network provider or smartphone. The monthly cell service is included in your monitoring fee.
  • SIMPLE USE: Lightweight with a large, easy to read screen, and simple one-button operation.

Giving your best care to an aging parent doesn’t just mean tracking their physical health — it also means helping them maintain a normal, enjoyable, and independent life.

With Connected Caregiver’s Remote Patient Monitoring, you’re ensuring they are safe and secure — and that’s a win for you both.