iScale Connected Scale

$10.00 / month and a $50.00 sign-up fee

Introducing the iScale Connected Weight Scale, a modern solution for convenient weight management. Cellular-enabled, this scale offers accurate weight measurements and seamless data transmission for remote monitoring. Its user-friendly design and compatibility with the Connected Caregiver App make it an essential tool for those prioritizing weight goals and overall wellness. The iScale Weight Scale empowers individuals to stay on top of their health journey by offering real-time insights and facilitating remote monitoring.

  • Caregivers can be notified to out-of-bounds measurements (too high or too low) in real time enabling potentially dangerous situations to be caught early!
  • Creates a digital record that can be viewed or downloaded
  • $50 sign-up fee includes one-time device fee.

  • LOW MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION: Kickstart your Remote Patient Monitoring journey with a simple activation. Only $10/month includes cellular service for seamless data communication.
  • CAREGIVER FEATURES VIA MOBILE APP: Caregiver App keeps family (or others involved in care) informed. Our included FREE mobile app boasts a comprehensive dashboard offering real-time insights into vitals measurements. Activate push notifications for instant alerts, ensuring family/caregivers stay informed about out-of-bounds measurements, rapid weight gain or loss, or missed readings. Create a Care Circle and your Loved Ones and Caregivers can share information tracking and alerts.
  • EASY SETUP: The iScale will come fully equipped. You do not need to connect the device to any network provider or smartphone. The monthly cell service is included in your monitoring fee.
  • SUITABLE FOR ALL: Weight capacity up to 551 lbs with a large, easy to read display and non slip surface. Ages 10+

Giving your best care to an aging parent doesn’t just mean tracking their physical health — it also means helping them maintain a normal, enjoyable, and independent life.

With Connected Caregiver’s Remote Patient Monitoring, you’re ensuring they are safe and secure — and that’s a win for you both.