Peace of Mind SILVER Bundle

  • Safety+ Medical Alert

    $99.00 BUY NOW device is FREE!

    Improved personal safety for the user.  Greater peace of mind for those that care for them.  Subscriptions include full suite of features (fall detect, caregiver package+++) at no extra charge.

    For the User/Wearer (Choose Pendant or Watch-Style):

    • SOS button and fall detection (included at no extra charge!)
    • 24/7 live monitoring & 4G nationwide coverage for at home or on-the-go

    For Caregivers/Family Members of the User:

    Caregiver Package & App included!  Gain greater peace of mind with real-time alerts, event history and more, all easily accessible with the Connected Caregiver app.

    • GPS location and geofence alerts of Loved One
    • Activity (steps) tracking & first-motion-of-day alert
    • Real-time Caregiver alerts and notifications (SMS text, Push, Email)

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  • Remote Monitoring Devices - Pick and Choose

    Choose the device that works for you!  All devices are cellular enabled, so they will sync without the need for a smart phone for remote monitoring.  They can be tracked in our mobile app available for both iOS and Android.

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Safety+ Medical Alert


Pendant, Watch

Remote Monitoring Devices - Pick and Choose


iBloodPressure, iGlucose, iPulseOx, iScale, Prompter Pillbox